Cleanse: Day 13



strawberry pear smoothie

Lunch: Stir-fry mushrooms, onions and string beans over brown rice, ginger spinach and shitake soup



veggie fried rice, garlic pepper mushrooms and sautéed dandelion greens

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Cleanse: Day 12

Detox symptoms. Do you have them? No headaches this time around, but for whatever reason, I usually get a bit of a cold right about halfway through. It feels like my body giving me a giant sign that says SLOW DOWN. I hear you, body, I hear you. Today is the second day of skipping the gym and sleeping in, because my body says so.

Smoothie: A friend told me that dino kale, also known as lacinato kale, gets its name from its scaly appearance. Whether it’s true or not, I got some and now I’m putting it in everything.


apple and kale smoothie

Apple and Kale Smoothie
makes 2 servings
1 cup coconut water
4 scoops SP Complete (Dairy-Free)
2 scoops Whole Food Fiber
1 ripe banana
8 pieces of kale, removed from stem
1 granny smith apple
1 tsp lemon juice
1 cup water

Combine and blend until smooth. (It took me a while.) Enjoy!

Lunch: Technically, beans are not on the list of foods to eat. I try to only eat things on the given list, but every once in a while I’ll make an exception when I know it’s something that doesn’t bother me. So far I’ve been keeping these exceptions to a minimum.


vegetarian chili



seaweed salad


yakitori chicken skewers

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Cleanse: Day 11

I’ve learned from the cleanse that a meal can be just as satisfying without meat. Having a variety of tastes and textures in every meal keeps my tastebuds happy, and I feel good about what I’m putting in my body. That said, I’m going to be adding protein back in moderation. Hurray on making it halfway!

Smoothie: I’m not a fan of salads for breakfast, but apparently they’re really tasty blended up. After my first mishap, I’ve been pretty reluctant to give it another try. I’m so glad I did!


blackberry & greens smoothie

Blackberry & Greens Smoothie
makes 2 servings
1 cup coconut water
4 scoops SP Complete (Dairy-Free)
2 scoops Whole Food Fiber
1 ripe banana
1 handful of salad greens (romaine, arugula)
1/3 cup blackberries
1 cup water
blueberries (optional)

Combine and blend until smooth. Garnish with blueberries. Enjoy!

Lunch: I’m kind of on a Korean food kick, don’t mind me.


vegetable bibimbap, wild rice & spinach soup



rice pasta w/ tomato and spinach, curry cauliflower soup and kale chips

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Cleanse: Day 10

Breakfast: I woke up to this! Yum.


morning glory porridge

This recipe is from Jennifer Goren at the Patty Gelman Culinary Arts Center.

Morning Glory Porridge
makes 1 serving
1 cup almond, rice or coconut milk
1 cup quinoa flakes
pinch of salt
goji berries
fresh blueberries
fresh raspberries
fresh strawberries, sliced
1-2 tbsp chia seeds or milled flax seeds
sliced almonds
cinnamon to taste
grade B maple syrup to taste

Add quinoa and salt to rapidly boiling almond milk.
Add banana, goji berries, chia seeds and vanilla.
Return to boil and cook for 90 seconds, stirring frequently.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Sweeten with maple syrup and serve with fruit, almonds and cinnamon.

Note: When I make this, I use water or rice milk, omit the chia seeds, and use whatever fruit I have on hand, fresh or frozen. Usually it’s sweet enough to not need maple syrup.

Smoothie: So far, I’ve been making a different smoothie every day. Some have been really good, others not so much.

avocado mint smoothie

Lunch: Jivamuktea Cafe has these “Little Bites” that are just small enough for a light snack before class. I got out of bed at noon today, so I wasn’t too hungry by the time class started but I needed something to tide me over.

hijiki seaweed salad

Exercise: Yoga, 95 minutes; handstand workshop, 1 hour

Dinner: Korean food!


sweet potato noodles, bean sprouts, kale and brussel sprouts

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Cleanse: Day 9

Smoothie: My Chinese doctor said that I shouldn’t be having cooling foods, so I’ve been adding ginger to my smoothies to add some heat in the morning. Cinnamon tastes great and it’s good for you, so that went in today too!


cinnamon ginger strawberry smoothie

A few people have asked for recipes, so here’s one for today’s smoothie. I make two servings in the morning and fill up my thermos with one for later. I also take my supplements with my smoothies because it’s easier (and I’ll forget otherwise). Find out what works best and feels right for you.

Cinnamon Ginger Strawberry Smoothie
makes 2 servings
1 cup coconut water
2 scoops Whole Food Fiber
4 scoops SP Complete (Dairy-Free)
1 banana, sliced
1/2 cup frozen strawberries (6-8 strawberries)
1 inch section of ginger, sliced
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 cup water

Add ingredients to blender in order. Blend until smooth, and enjoy!

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Cleanse: Day 8

Week 1 is complete! Only 3 more days until adding meat back in. I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would. I’m really digging the diversity of textures and tastes of veggies (and mushrooms).

Smoothie: Ripe pears were made for smoothies. Ginger adds a little kick, and banana holds it all together.


pear ginger, with super EFA liquid

Exercise: elliptical training and weights, 45 minutes

Lunch: Have you looked outside? Lunch is coming to me today.


Bliss Bowl from Yorganic: brown rice, spinach, beets, broccoli, bean spouts, asparagus and shitake mushrooms with go-chu-jang sauce



mushroom and leek fried rice with sautéed swiss chard

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Cleanse: Day 7

Last day of taking SP Cleanse! Confession: This is my first time actually remembering to take them every day, 3x a day. I was still pretty shocked to find that there were only 2 extra capsules. Little victories.

Smoothie: avocado banana ginger and stevia

I had a little extra time this morning, so I put together a concoction I’ve been meaning to try. Somehow, these creations always taste better in my head.



wild rice w/ Asian stir fry, cauliflower, collard greens, pomegranate seeds and sweet potato

Exercise: Power Flow yoga, 75 minutes.



mixed greens and arugula salad with mint, mandarin orange, grapes and grape tomatoes


veggie curry over brown rice

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Cleanse: Day 6

Smoothie: There are some great recipes in the purification guide. This is the only one I’ve tried so far, and it’s good! I’m not really sure what the “surprise” is though.


apple cinnamon surprise, pre-blending

Exercise: running, 15 minutes; weights, 15 minutes.

Lunch: Fresh supermarket finds.


brown rice avocado cucumber sushi, baby bell peppers, artichoke garlic hummus

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Cleanse: Day 5

Nearly 25% complete! That went by fast.

Smoothie: banana and coconut water. This was probably my favorite one yet. I may have to revisit this combination again when I run out of ideas.

Exercise: yoga, 95 minutes.

Snack: organic fuji apple

Lunch: Lisa and I shared a really delicious salad with soup. We substituted the feta with avocado. Yummy.


roasted beet and arugula salad, cauliflower soup

Dinner: Eating out is still an adventure. Ordering takes a little more effort than usual, but the plus side is that I get to try out all these veggie appetizers I usually don’t get around to, like sunchoy. The waiter described it as “sticky like okra, but looks like spinach.” It sounded so weird, I had to try it. I’m glad I did! So many strange veggies out there..

mushrooms, lotus root chips, sauteed eggplant and zucchini, miso soup


garlic sauteed sunchoy


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Cleanse: Day 4

It’s Monday and it’s chilly out. That means today is the perfect day to try out that Morning Glory Porridge recipe.

Smoothie: This is where the magic happens.

mixed berry smoothie

Breakfast:┬áI used water instead of almond milk, banana and frozen berries because that’s what I had. It was a nice warm followup to my berry smoothie. Awesome way to start the day.

morning glory porridge

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