It’s Here! Psoas Release Party! in DVD

Psoas Release Party

For most of my career I have been talking about the psoas muscle, as has my good friend, Jonathan FitzGordon. Before I met Jonathan we had many mutual clients who had been telling me I had to meet him because he has was so obsessed with the psoas muscle.  They just knew we would get along.  Jonathan has dedicated a large body of his work to sharing his passion with this amazing muscle. After years of leading workshops on the psoas—cleverly named Psoas Release Party!–he’s finally making it available for people to continue the work on their own, at home, via DVD or streaming video.

If you have any issues in your body, releasing the psoas may be a great way to alleviate them. He’s seen people get better sleep, find relief from chronic pain, release deeply held trauma and more.

I’ve had the opportunity to study with Jonathan and I know you’ll benefit from his vast knowledge of the psoas. By understanding how this deep core muscle works and can affect so many aspects of your life, you’ll come away from his work with a deeper awareness of your body and yourself.

Click the link below for more info on the Psoas Release Party! home edition. You’ll not only gain some great info, but he’s also giving away a free ebook, It’s All About the Psoas, because really, it is all about the psoas.

Psoas Release Party


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Tech Neck


Is this you?

Tech neck

Saw this today at the Prince Street N and R train station.

Here is updated article on text neck or tech neck which is basically what chiropractors have always called the straightening of the normal lordotic curve in the cervical spine.

Text Neck article from the Washington Post


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That Sugar Film

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving! I waited until after to post this. 🙂

Damon Gameau in sort of the sequel to Super Size me but with sugar.

Damon Gameau: That Sugar Film


Just in time to think about the next round of holidays.  🙂


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