The Sun and the Summer

Every summer people talk about the sun, sunscreen, vitamin D.  It is widely known that most people are deficient in vitamin D  and yet some people are getting too much too!   Some sun is good, too much is not.

This article by Dr. Mercola “You’ve been told it’s the “bad guy” but it’s not” has a lot of interesting information.  He says, “There are many simple lifestyle changes you can make to radically decrease your risk of sunburn, such as choosing your essential fatty acids wisely, increasing your consumption of raw vegetables, and avoiding processed foods and sugars.”

I have included this Sun Safety Guide by the EWG for more interesting info on the sun!

EWG also has this guide to the worst sunscreens.  EWG Sunscreen Hall of Shame

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91 Year Old Chiropractor

I just loved this article my friend sent me so I had to put it up on my blog.

“I like my work, I like helping people, that is the key,” said Jean Koffel

91 Year Old (Female) Chiropractor

I myself am  not sure I want to be 91 and still working but I am so impressed by her!  Great inspiration!!

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