Join us Wednesday November 4th, 2015 for a presentation of TanTien Essential Oils

Next Wednesday 7PM please join us for a
presentation of Charlotte de La Poole’s TanTien essential oil blends.

Come to experience the scents and learn more about what they
are for and how to use them for yourself, your family and friends.
The bottles are on display now at our office. They come in nice
red tube containers – perfect to tuck away for those last minute holiday gifts.

20% off cash or check Wednesday evening.

Tribeca Chiropractic, PLLC
249 W Broadway
Between Beach & Walker.
7PM – 8PM  Wednesday Nov 4

Please RSVP so we know how many samples to bring.
[email protected]

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TED-Ed talk on Why Sitting is Bad For You

Watch this TED-Ed  talk on Why Sitting is Bad For You.

People are sitting all day long for even way more hours than we are asleep.

Set a timer, drink water, get an iwatch do something to remind you to get up and walk around!

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The (Primarily Non-Toxic) Nursery Guide

Here is an amazing amount of extraordinary information that I have to pass on to people concerned about their babies. It has great recommendations on diapers, sheets, health kits, body washes, bottles, formulas and much more.

After doing much research on the differences between regular stores versus health food stores, I’ve learned a couple things. Although there are similar products across these two types of stores, the ingredients of products in regular stores are often chemical laden. It’s best to avoid them by making a more natural choice whenever possible.

I see a lot of families with kids here in Tribeca.
I also have three daughters now in college and how I wish someone sent me a guide like this!

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