Happy Valentine’s Day!

My two favorite holidays are Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving because of love and gratitude. 

The Importance of Self-Love

Video: The Truth About Sugar

A Month Without Sugar
How To Stop Eating Sugar
The 7-day Sugar Challenge

New Offering For Our Practice: Ergonomic Consultation

Is your workspace or bed causing you unnecessary back pain and stress? More and more people are working from home at a less than ideal set up. I am now offering Zoom ergonomic consultations. Work and sleep make up 2/3 of a day. Let’s figure out how to optimize your workspace and make sure you are also sleeping in the correct position. Please email or call for more details. 

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Happy Holidays!!!! Goodbye 2020!!!!!!

Spinal Health Column
Spinal Column Health

Best Ergonomic Chairs

Gift idea: check out this list of the 14 best ergonomic chairs, according to professionals. 

New Offering For Our Practice: Ergonomic Consultation

Is your workspace or bed causing you unnecessary back pain and stress? More and more people are working from home at a less than ideal set up. I am now offering Zoom ergonomic consultations. Work and sleep make up 2/3 of a day. Let’s figure out how to optimize your workspace and make sure you are also sleeping in the correct position. Please email or call for more details. 

Have a magical New Year!

Artwork by Sophie Abraham

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks to all of you, my wonderful patients and friends who have led me to information, knowledge and love for you, that I would have never experienced in any other job! 
Why Giving Is Good for Your Health
Did you know giving is good for your brain? Health benefits include lowered blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression, lower stress levels, longer life and greater happiness and satisfaction. 
Healing As A Journey
My mission has always been to help people unblock the body’s ability to heal itself. Getting to root causes that may stand in the way is essential. 
Watch the video below to learn more about Hidden Water, an incredible organization.
 Elizabeth Clemants is an extraordinary person of many talents. I have personally seen how the work she does at Hidden Water has had a profound effect on so many people. 
Hidden Water is an organization that supports survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma.
Shockingly, 1 in 5 children are sexually abused. Many wounded people go on to wound other people… Hidden Water has created a safe space to heal the underlying pain in order to break the cycle. If you or anyone you know has been harmed, and is looking for a safe space to deal with this particular kind of trauma, please reach out to Hidden Water. 
Please consider donating.
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November 2020

Hello Everyone! 
I refuse to call what we’re all going through the new normal. I’m calling it the new weird. Things come to pass, they never come to stay. So, I’m just here recommending some things that will maybe help make people and our planet better, so that we move into a brighter future.
Check out Commune, they’re a wealth of information.
The Impact Single-Use Plastics Have On Our Health & The Environment
If you haven’t read any Joe Dispenza, try a Youtube video and see if it resonates with you:  
Joe Dispenza’s Youtube Page
   Spinal Health Column/Spinal Column Health

Can you see yourself here in any of these pictures? A lot of people I’ve adjusted lately are having trouble adapting to their new home office arrangements. Ergonomics play a big part. 

Here are some quotes to think about and give some historical perspective. Lao Tzu lived in 6th century BC and was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching and the founder of philosophical Taoism.

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September 2020

 Spinal Health Column/Spinal Column Health 

With so many working from home, I see more and more people with their head going forward into the computer screen. Forward Head Posture by Jonathan FitzGordon is a collection of blog posts that explains it so well.  
“You become what you think about all day long.”  Wayne Dyer
“We plan, God laughs”  Yiddish proverb

These two quotes at first seem to be at odds with each other. On one hand you can create what you think about and on the other hand, the universe may have other plans for you. 2020 has come with such a variety of unexpected challenges, throwing everything out of balance or so it may seem. We must however, change and adapt when we are forced to and see the opportunity for our own inner growth in doing so.

Here are some of the things I have been finding helpful in navigating these difficult times. The path and the journey are all about this moment and then this moment and so on and so on…

Take breaks often
1. Breathe Regularly – take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, close your eyes, slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Sort of like a cigarette break without the side effects, only the benefits. 
2. Be Present – Slow down – Enjoy the air around you, appreciate the little things and focus on your senses. 
3. Move – All forms of exercise can ease anxiety. Go for a quick walk around the block or skip the elevator and take the stairs. 
Buyer Be Careful:
The FDA Warns Against Using Over 100 Hand Sanitizers: See the Full List 
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FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program

I would like to introduce the readers of my  blog to Jonathan FitzGordon.  Jonathan is a friend whom many people told me I had to meet long before we ever met.  He and I always spoke about the lumbar curve and the psoas muscle. Everyone learning about those concepts in yoga classes couldn’t believe we didn’t know each other and thought we would get along.  They were right. I always seek his advice and I have sent many of my clients for his excellent workshops, classes and one on one sessions.  Please check out his blog at FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program

If you can’t stand and walk correctly it is probably interfering with everything else you’re doing.

Stick Your Butt Out

It is important in both standing and walking to stick your butt out. This simple statement seems to go against the grain of what many people want to think and believe is correct. As a culture we love to tuck our pelvis. Maybe you hurt your back and a physical therapist told you to tuck under to lengthen your low spine; or you’ve done too many bad fitness classes at the gym, or you simply think your butt is too big.  For whatever of the many reasons the vast majority of people allow the weight of the spine to fall backwards through the sacrum tucking the pelvis under and taking the femur (thigh) bones forward with it.
Standing up straight, and proper posture really is as simple as that, requires a skeletal adjustment to allow your thighs to move underneath your pelvis. This sticking out of the buttocks is actually meant to relax these muscles and help us find deeper core muscles to hold us up. We are truly a tight assed people. We grip our butts in tension and frustration, which is a natural reaction but as with everything we tend to overdo it. The femur bones falling forward in space results in a constant engagement of the butt and thigh muscles (quadriceps).
When standing the quads and glutes should be working as little as possible to let important core muscles function properly. When we walk the big buttock muscle gluteus maximus works as the back leg extends backwards but it doesn’t or shouldn’t need to hold us up. Butt gripping is one of modern man’s great dilemmas.
The release of the butt goes hand in hand with a shifting of the pelvis. The effects of this shift are far reaching. As the thighs move back and under the pelvis your legs will release differently in walking and you will feel a more even distribution of energy through the foot with every step. The shift of the pelvis into proper alignment accesses the correct curve of your lower back bringing instant support to all the bones of the spine. Your shoulders will lift up and back naturally and the head will find greater support at the top of the spine.

Release your butt and embrace a whole new realm of energetic possibilities when walking and standing.


FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program

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Chemicals in our Lives

I spend quite a bit of time at the gym where there are 12 television screens with mostly different programs on each one.  The main thing I noticed is that a majority of the commercials are for chemicals. Either it is a drug, a cleaning product for the body or the house, a food or drink loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals or for lawyers suing for injury from one of the toxic drugs.


Warnings from a Flabby Mouse  from the New York Times is a great article about the chemicals in our lives and the related issues as a result of  them.

Nicholas D. Kristof says, “That experiment is one of a growing number of peer-reviewed scientific studies suggesting that one factor in the industrialized world’s obesity epidemic (along with Twinkies, soda and television) may be endocrine-disrupting chemicals.”


Here is an excellent article by DR.  Judy Roth that explains xenoestrogens in depth.  What are they and what to do about it and why you have to.


‘Do You Know What Xenoestrogens Are?’



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