Several people have shared with me their love for the FitBit and I finally got one. I love my FitBit too. I didn’t realize before I got it how inherently lazy I was. I think of myself as an avid exerciser. I have been working out since my first year of college, before the freshman 15 had a name, but that was why.

I thought I walked a lot in the city. My first day with the FitBit I had to go to a meeting on 28th Street from Tribeca. I looked up the route on google maps to see how long it would take so I wouldn’t be late. To my surprise it was only a 2 mile walk. Normally that was a subway ride or even a justifiable cab since I had to go on the 6 train and I’m closest to the 1 or ACE. It was a gorgeous summer night and I arrived on time, maybe even a bit earlier than if I had taken the train because I would have left later.

When the opportunity to walk the shorter distance presented itself I always automatically took it. I think thought I was always saving time by taking the shorter route. Yet when the elevator wasn’t there I waited for it. That’s not time saving so there goes that theory. Now I take the stairs.

It has changed me from what I thought was a pretty motivated exerciser to a really motivated one. Everyday I work to get those 10,000 steps. Somedays it’s simple and I go way beyond to more than double and some days not. It’s okay. I average over 70,000 each week. I can live with that.

There are so many other benefits. My favorite being the sleep tracker. I love to see how long I have slept. I have become competitive with myself to get 8 hours. I feel so much better well rested.

You can track your weight, your food, your activity. I figure if what Ralph Waldo Emerson says is true, “you become what you think about all day long,” you might as well focus on your health.

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What I learned from a Toothache

A few weeks ago I had a really bad toothache.  I went to my regular dentist who took an x-ray and told me there was nothing wrong. He said I should keep doing body work because it might be referred pain from my neck.

Me being me I tried everything that whole week. I got  adjusted,  I had acupuncture and went to various other healers,  all to no avail.  On Sunday morning I woke up in even worse pain with my subconscious screaming at me: “It’s your tooth!”

Since nothing I was doing was helping,  I was feeling rather hopeless. I decided that Monday morning I would go to see another dentist that my dentist  recommended to see if I might need a root canal.

With nothing left to do until then, I decided to read the book that my meditation teacher had recommended, “Dissolving Pain” by Les Fehmi.  I thought I might as well try it. I read that book from cover to cover and I have to say it was literally a miracle.  I can’t say enough about it. By Monday morning, when I woke up, I had no pain whatsoever.

I made the dentist appointment anyway but I was wondering if I should even go.  I went and he decided that I needed a root canal. I was living in fear of that pain coming back, so I was gladly about to do it. He started drilling to get rid of my old filling,  stopped and said,  “Bad news, can’t do a root canal. Your tooth is cracked.” Then he had to send me to yet another dentist who extracted the tooth.

Since I’ve had my tooth pulled, I have not had any pain.   I have been doing the exercises from the book for occasional aches and pains when I feel like I need it.  I highly recommend this book. I have recommended it to many patients and have gotten great feedback.

First, of course make sure you know why you have the pain.  Pain is the body’s way of telling you there is something wrong.  Once you know what it is and are taking the necessary steps towards healing, this book is invaluable.

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When I was in college so long ago, I gave  myself for my 21st birthday a Transcendental Meditation course .  It was a weekend seminar.  I was going through some stressful times and thought this would be a great gift to give myself.  I still can’t believe  that that far back I was drawn in that direction.  I certainly did not meditate as much as I wanted to but now I see whatever I did was better than nothing.

Over the years I had meditated on and off using the mantra I was given at TM.  I actually wanted to go to Maharishi University in the 1970’s but the thought of that really aggravated my mom who thought I would be joining a cult.  I couldn’t say it wasn’t at the time so I didn’t pursue it.

I took the most wonderful 8 week class in Tribeca for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Elizabeth Coleman.  I highly recommend this course.  Once a month after you take the 8 week class Elizabeth has a drop-in class too.

I had an  interesting  realization when I took the class a few years ago. My high school yearbook quote was by Thoreau,

“When it is time to dielet us not discover that we never lived.”  

In high school I thought that meant that we should get out there and live,  not eat the same thing everyday, have a menial job, and never leave your neighborhood.  Then I read the book Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. (I read that book because I liked the title since my grandmother used to say “Wherever you go, you take yourself along.”)  To my surprise Kabat-Zinn brings up that Thoreau quote from Walden Pond, and shines a whole new light on it.  He explains (I am totally paraphrasing) that Thoreau says,  without mindfulness you are missing out on the life you are living because while you are present in the room your mind is somewhere else. We miss out on living our lives because we were never fully present.



Link to the website: Elizabeth J. Coleman

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Travel Tip: ChiroFlow Water Pillow

I love this pillow and highly recommend it. I use the travel size one  at home and bring it when I travel.  I would rather bring fewer changes of clothing and have room for this pillow.  Wherever I go I wake up in the morning feeling as though I slept in my own bed at home.

When you sleep on a feather pillow, it flattens over the night and you have to wake up in the middle of the night turning it and fluffing it to keep it at the right height. This pillow has a water chamber in the middle that keeps your head at the right level no matter how much you toss and turn. The water chamber can be emptied to travel and filled at your destination.

Chiroflow Travel Water Pillow, Amazon

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