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A lot of people have asked me that over the years how and why I became a chiropractor.

As a kid my parents were not very healthy.  My father had his first heart attack at 45 years old and a fatal heart attack at age 46 in 1973. My mother has had many heart attacks. After her third one at 51 years old she had triple bypass surgery. They both smoked and my mother had the added complication of taking birth control pills at the high doses they started out with in the 1960’s. Also, their diet was very unhealthy:  margarine, canned vegetables, soda and junk food.

I became health-conscious in high school. I would get off the school bus early to go the health food store.  I wandered around the store looking at products thinking that if the health food store had a substitute for the products in the regular supermarket, there had to be something wrong with the ones in the regular supermarket.  For example, candles.  Regular candles might have lead wicks that you breathe in when they burn.  I read books popular in the 70’s like Gary Null, Adele Davis and Jethro Kloss.

My interests continued to develop and I decided to study nutrition in college.  The classical nutrition programs at that time were not about holistic healthy foods.  The programs were geared for dietetics for hospitals. Hospital food? Healthy?  I was not too sure about that but it was the only option.  While I was in college, I heard about chiropractic. The theory I first learned about was that people become ill from emotional stress, physical stress and chemical stress which in turn affects the nervous system. Nutrition only took into account chemical stress. The consideration of emotional and physical stress made more sense to me.  Chiropractic was still pretty unknown at this time, though the first chiropractic adjustment was given in 1895.  Chiropractic seemed to be a very comprehensive way to promote and maintain health. I decided to go to chiropractic school and graduated in 1984. It is one of the best decisions I ever made.

I went out of my way to learn from as many of the old time chiropractors as I could because they had so much passion.  Today, there are many old and new techniques to choose from.  I truly believe if one chiropractic technique doesn’t help, you should keep looking for the right one that your body responds to.

I feel extremely grateful to have found my purpose with my chosen career but also fortunate to have benefited as a patient as well.  All these years I have watched the holistic way of life become more mainstream and I could not be more pleased.

These days I focus on wellness and prevention through chiropractic  care,  proper nutrition and supplementation when necessary.

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Posted in Chiropractic, Health by Lisa at November 28th, 2012.

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  1. Hooray for Blogging! This is a great outlet for you share your wisdom. Thank you Lisa….
    Yours in Health,
    deborah, life long client